About Tender Tree Care

Let us start from the day when we moved from Pennsylvania to Thunder Bay. It was 2019, and after doing tree services for the better part of a decade we thought we would strike our hands at doing what we do best here in Canada. Taking care of trees comes from our love of taking care of humans, because we used to do work with different medicinal practices at our old learning center. Now, in Thunder Bay, we’re operating 7 days a week, happy to be here helping where it’s needed and growing the economy for a city we hold dear in our hearts.

Thunder Bay out of all Canadian cities is by far our favorite, and it’s hard to explain exactly why. But we all agree it could use more trees as and after already deciding we want to raise families here we think more trees would be great for future generations. With tender care and love, and the best tree service Thunder Bay provides, our company looks to make this special part of Ontario cleaner, healthier and more beautiful.

If you want to learn more about us, check out our blog.