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Our New Passion for Landscaping

Recently on our homepage we touched up on our services to include landscaping. We believe that tree service is a form of landscaping, but not all landscaping companies agree. Removing tree stumps is not what every landscaper does, just like not every tree arborist deals with irrigation or paving. Landscaping and tree services are related, but technically two different industries, even though landscapers do tree service and tree service experts do landscaping. It’s complicated, isn’t it?

Not any more! Our new passion for landscaping makes it clear, as you can see from reading the paragraph above. We’ve nailed it. Our passion lately has been to not just focus on trees but how trees look compared to the rest of the property on a client’s landscape. That’s why we’re so focuses on learning more about landscaping lately, which our friends in Kelowna have helped us to understand. Thanks to them, we’re no longer shy to call ourselves landscapers even though we never cut lawns or build rock walls. We only trim hedges, remove trees, plant trees, operate on trees, all with love, but at the end of the day that’s still all a form of changing the landscape. So we hope you understand.

We’ll never get tired of this. Nature is so wonderful. We love it! All we wish to do is add a special human touch, because nature without it would become a jungle. That’s what a jungle is: nature left to its own devices. Human landscapes of nature, not cities or urban industrial blocks, is where our hearts belongs. It’s what our hearts desire, to appreciate each little leaf, each little rock–they lift us higher. We feel like nature loves us back when we work with her to make a land more splendid, more human. That’s what are services do, we believe. Want to see for yourself, then contact us! Our company is here to take weedy backyards and turn them into something an angel might cry to see. You won’t know how it feels until you share our point of view, or the view of your backyard from the window after we’re done doing what we do best.

We hope you appreciate the beauty of nature as much as we do, although that may be hard, because we appreciate it a lot. Anyways, we’re glad you stopped by to read our passionate rant, and hope you come back soon.


Proud of my son for turning Vegan

I am a far cry from a vegan, being a lover of meat, but I’m really impressed by my son’s choice to become a vegan. Why am I impressed? Well, as a lover of trees in Ontario I respect anyone’s decision to do more to help the environment and animal life, which is the main reason for my son’s choice. But that’s not the main reason why I’m so impressed.

My greatest fear of turning vegan has always been not getting enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals. All that fear, however, has evaporated since seeing my young adult son do his due diligence and research to make sure he’s getting all the essential nutrients his body needs. He planned out his diet perfectly so that while eating zero animal products he’s also getting protein from nuts and vitamin D from supplements. He’s being careful, and I recommend that anyone who makes this switch in their life does the same.

Stay tuned for more posts on our tree service blog! Thanks for being here.


Doing Business for the Love of it

Especially today when people poke fun at business owners who want to re-open the economy as fast as possible, believing such people are greedy and only want money, business owners are frowned upon. It’s quite sad, because people who’ve been employed all their lives and never experienced what it’s like to build a business from the grassroots can’t seem to understand that many business owners just want to get back to work because they love what they do and miss it.

At Tender Tree Care Thunder Bay, we’ve had the benefit of being able to stay open all this time, providing Ontario locals with the tree services they need, but others haven’t been so fortunate. We’ve heard stories from Calgary to Toronto about small businesses going bankrupt and it’s all because they were forced to remain closed and denied what they love doing for a living. We’re lucky, but others aren’t. All this is unfortunate not because anything to do with losing money but because people are being told they can’t do what they’re passionate about. If I was told I was not allowed to practice tree service in Thunder Bay I might grow crazy. I’d probably have to live in the woods just to be around trees, because I can’t imagine a week of not touching a tree let a lone several months.

A friend of the family who works doing appliance repair Calgary services fears that his employers will be retiring, and he only does what he does for the love of it. I feel for him because it’s not like appliance repair is an industry that’s going to disappear. People will always need their home appliances fixed, so it’s unfortunate that this has to happen. But I hope it doesn’t.

My heart goes out to everyone out there who just wants to do what they love. It might be hard for people to understand, but many business owners out there aren’t doing it for the money. For many, money is just a side effect of doing what they love. For example, a tree surgeon in Ontario might simply love putting his expertise to use to help people in their local area, like we do, and for someone to call them greedy for owning a business is low-minded in my opinion. Services are supposed to help people and if businesses are not there to provide them then we’re all in for a bad time.

Canadians should be grateful that we have so many small businesses that are eager to work. Without them, there’s not telling what would happen here. I for one am grateful to have services like ours in Thunder Bay even if it’s me that has to do them. Many of our clients can vouch for the same.

This is my spiel for the day. I’m sure many of you readers will either agree or disagree, but my point was made. I’d love to see people to be able to do what they love, and I don’t mind waiting to see that happen, but it better happen sooner than later because it’s not fair to small business owners to be labeled as greedy when they’re simply trying to help their local communities out of love.

With all that out of the way, I hope you have a good day!


Why We Love Trees

Trees are an extension of the planet, in a way humans could never be or in the way a hammer is the extension of a human. No other life-form on Planet Earth provides the service that trees do, and without them we’d be a sorry lot.

We here at Tender Tree Care Thunder Bay love trees for the basic reason that they fill the skies with oxygen, but we also love them for other reasons. Such reasons can best be described in a list.

Before reading further, we recommend playing the following music:

A List of Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Trees (and hug them):

  1. They fill our landscapes with elegant greenery that can be observed from afar.
  2. They provide habitats for wildlife.
  3. They produce delicious fruits.
  4. Their leaves are symbols for great nations like the Canadian maple leaf.
  5. They provide wood for our houses.
  6. They provide shelter for the weary traveler.
  7. They provide compost for our crops.
  8. They sway in the wind like dancers.
  9. Every human from the beginning of the human race has relied on them for survival.
  10. They fill our hearts with a longing to understand the wonders of nature, God, and science.

Many more reasons why our tree surgeons and arborists love trees and working with them can be given, many subjective reasons that are unique to every individual who gets to appreciate trees in their own way. But, we have a question for you.

Why do you love trees?

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Why Tender Care is Our Name

As a tree service company in Thunder Bay Ontario we don’t see what we do everyday as just simple services. We really love caring for our local trees because they’re not getting any younger and when we get a chance to plant a new one we see a future with more trees in it and we like that. With a learning center approach, we educate as well as we do tree removal and hedge trimming services because we believe education’s another important service and we can do it for free at the same time as pruning and tree care.

“Tender Care” is Our Middle Name

When we say that tender care is our middle name we mean it, because our full name is “Tender Tree Care and Tree Service Thunder Bay” but folks just call us “Tender Care”. A onetime learning center, we’ve evolved. Now, we apply our therapeutic methods to heal trees. Taking care of trees in the forest is one thing, but taking care of them in public spaces where humans can appreciate them and their health everyday is, in a way, helping human psychology and, with the extra oxygen in the atmosphere, human physiology. So in a sense our work with trees is having a similar affect to the work we used to with humans at our learning center in Pennsylvania.

So to conclude we’ll sum up by saying tender care is our name because we believe we provide tender care to trees whereas other tree service companies in Thunder Bay, ON provide a more rigorous approach. We love caring for small trees, albeit we’ll fell the largest of them too!

Thanks for being interested in the name of our tree service company. We’re always here to answer other questions over the phone: (807) 770-1550

Stay tuned for more tree care related blog posts from your favorite Thunder Bay tree service company!