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tree service thunder bay ontario

Tender Tree Care provide’s all your tree services in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada and all surrounding areas like Rosslyn, Twin City and the Slate River Valley area. We do hedge trimming, stump grinding, tree removal, tree pruning and much more with our professional expertise. Whether it’s topping an old tree that’s too close to the house or removing that ghastly stump in the backyard, our arborists, tree surgeons and certified tree service experts are on the ready every season of the year to give the people of Thunder Bay the tender tree care they need to keep they’re trees healthy, trimmed, pruned and maintained.

Professional & Tender Tree Care for All The Tree Service Thunder Bay Could Ever Possibly Need!

Quality tree care services are a phone call away if you’re in Thunder Bay, as we often say… or that’s our charade, anyway. Coming at you with tender care and love for all trees is what we do because healthy and beautiful trees creates healthy and beautiful humans. Call us or fill out the form above to order tree pruning, planting, trimming, stump removal, grinding and a whole lot more. We’re standing by for all Thunder Bay tree service, rain or shine. Let’s add a touch of beauty to the city together!