Proud of my son for turning Vegan

I am a far cry from a vegan, being a lover of meat, but I’m really impressed by my son’s choice to become a vegan. Why am I impressed? Well, as a lover of trees in Ontario I respect anyone’s decision to do more to help the environment and animal life, which is the main reason for my son’s choice. But that’s not the main reason why I’m so impressed.

My greatest fear of turning vegan has always been not getting enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals. All that fear, however, has evaporated since seeing my young adult son do his due diligence and research to make sure he’s getting all the essential nutrients his body needs. He planned out his diet perfectly so that while eating zero animal products he’s also getting protein from nuts and vitamin D from supplements. He’s being careful, and I recommend that anyone who makes this switch in their life does the same.

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