Why We Love Trees

Trees are an extension of the planet, in a way humans could never be or in the way a hammer is the extension of a human. No other life-form on Planet Earth provides the service that trees do, and without them we’d be a sorry lot.

We here at Tender Tree Care Thunder Bay love trees for the basic reason that they fill the skies with oxygen, but we also love them for other reasons. Such reasons can best be described in a list.

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A List of Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Trees (and hug them):

  1. They fill our landscapes with elegant greenery that can be observed from afar.
  2. They provide habitats for wildlife.
  3. They produce delicious fruits.
  4. Their leaves are symbols for great nations like the Canadian maple leaf.
  5. They provide wood for our houses.
  6. They provide shelter for the weary traveler.
  7. They provide compost for our crops.
  8. They sway in the wind like dancers.
  9. Every human from the beginning of the human race has relied on them for survival.
  10. They fill our hearts with a longing to understand the wonders of nature, God, and science.

Many more reasons why our tree surgeons and arborists love trees and working with them can be given, many subjective reasons that are unique to every individual who gets to appreciate trees in their own way. But, we have a question for you.

Why do you love trees?