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Why Tender Care is Our Name

As a tree service company in Thunder Bay Ontario we don’t see what we do everyday as just simple services. We really love caring for our local trees because they’re not getting any younger and when we get a chance to plant a new one we see a future with more trees in it and we like that. With a learning center approach, we educate as well as we do tree removal and hedge trimming services because we believe education’s another important service and we can do it for free at the same time as pruning and tree care.

“Tender Care” is Our Middle Name

When we say that tender care is our middle name we mean it, because our full name is “Tender Tree Care and Tree Service Thunder Bay” but folks just call us “Tender Care”. A onetime learning center, we’ve evolved. Now, we apply our therapeutic methods to heal trees. Taking care of trees in the forest is one thing, but taking care of them in public spaces where humans can appreciate them and their health everyday is, in a way, helping human psychology and, with the extra oxygen in the atmosphere, human physiology. So in a sense our work with trees is having a similar affect to the work we used to with humans at our learning center in Pennsylvania.

So to conclude we’ll sum up by saying tender care is our name because we believe we provide tender care to trees whereas other tree service companies in Thunder Bay, ON provide a more rigorous approach. We love caring for small trees, albeit we’ll fell the largest of them too!

Thanks for being interested in the name of our tree service company. We’re always here to answer other questions over the phone: (807) 770-1550

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