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Tender Tree Care is a company in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada that is dedicated to providing locals with the best tree services. Bushes that are overgrowing can be trimmed. Dangerous trees that could fall on the house, which we call widow-makers, can be dealt with professionally. All Thunder Bay tree care services are tenderly provided, such services as hedge trimming, tree pruning and planting, and much more with our certified team of arborists. If you’re in need of a tree surgeon or professional tree removal Thunder Bay ON services then you’re in luck. Our tender tree care company looks forward to providing our tender services in Thunder Bay for a long time to come, and long-term relationships mean a lot to us–part of the reason why our stump grinding cost is so low. At the end of the day, our local business is here to provide all the tree service Thunder Bay can challenge us with, and a city with more healthy trees is something we want to see. Get your free quote today!

In Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Tree Trimming & Removal

Tender care tree services in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada are here! That’s right! Welcome to the tender care services Thunder Bay deserves. At our learning center of a company, our staff specializes in all the odd-jobs landscaping companies can’t keep up with. That includes hedge trimming, tree planting, topiary with our certified arborists and tree therapists. Over the the years we’ve taught many tree surgeons, and teaching is what we love doing most beyond all our residential services. We also do commercial tree services in Thunder Bay. Our company, with our learning center at heart, strives to bring the best tree removal Thunder Bay has to offer, because we want to teach the importance of trees in communities and the lessons we can learn from ancient trees. Ancient trees in Thunder Bay are what we cherish as much as teaching the skills we know, making delivering hedge trimming, stump grinding and other tender tree care services a blessing rather than a task.

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Landscaping Professionals Who Specialize In Tree Services

Doing tree services and making it look good requires an eye for beauty, no matter where you are. We know a team in Kelowna BC that have taught us a lot about keeping things level and making sure the trees match the surrounding landscape. That’s why we’re not afraid to call ourselves landscapers, even though we only provide tree services in Ontario. Sometimes, we still have to put our landscaping skills to work when we do services like tree planting and hedge trimming. After all, tree services are a form of landscaping, as our friends in Kelowna will vouch. It all comes down to the human eye and how each worker sees potential for beauty in the design of a backyard or commercial property. In Thunder Bay today, we’d love to prove or professional skill set by pruning your trees and adding to the beauty of your landscape. Just give us a call when you’re ready.

Thunder Bay Tree Service You Can Count On For Tree Surgery & Care

Our Tender Tree Care services have been pulsing in the lives of thousands of trees from Pennsylvania to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. People often ask the question, “What do you mean by a learning center mind-state.” And I reply, “We don’t mean we think we know more about nature than everyone or anything. By a learning center mind-state we mean we love working with trees and because we have tree services we also have the chance to teach clients more about why tree health is important.” Our Tender Tree Care services are about bringing people in Thunder Bay ON the education and tree service they need.

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Tree Removal, Pruning, Trimming, Cutting, Grinding & More

Tender Tree Care Thunder Bay

Originally from Pennsylvania, our crew has gone from transforming our own backyard here in Thunder Bay from transforming other people’s backyards with our tree services. We’ve taken landscaping to another level with our ability to trim and cut hedges to any shape–topiary skills beheld nowhere else in this part of Ontario. We’re grateful to be here offering our services with a learning center mindset. 

City of Thunder Bay Tree Removal

In the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, Tender Tree Care Services loves to dream of a fantasy forest land where every tree is healthy. Elves help the trees restore their health with tender care. Then we wake up and in this world we realize we have the chance to make that dream a reality.

Thunder Bay Tree Removal

Removing trees is a dangerous task and so you need professional services. Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to get that experienced lad or lass on your roster to work things up but those tree roots are thick and so you need a local, expert hand. Consider the job complete with Tender Tree Care!

How to Get Professional Tree Service in Thunder Bay?

To get professional tree service in Thunder Bay, call Tender Tree Care at (807) 770-1550 and our pro tree surgeons are arborists will be ready to serve. We provide everything from hedge trimming to tree planting, stump grinding and a whole lot more, as one of Thunder Bay’s fastest growing tree service companies. Even our tree service Winnipeg friends ask us for advice here and there when it comes to how to treat certain trees, because we not only have hands-on experience from working with trees but we’re well-read and educated in trees across the world, often using hard to pronounce Latin names for species that make us sound like magicians, like “genus Quercus” or “genus Pinus”. The odds are if you have a question about tree services then we have the answer. And if we don’t, the resources are there at our fingertips to find it for you in no time at all. That’s what we call tender care, and ours is here for you every day!

Getting professional tree service in Thunder Bay is as easy as getting in touch with your local experts, and we’re here for you every step of the way when it comes to treating your trees with the tender care nature deserves. But, that’s not to say nature can be a wild beast sometimes. Tender care isn’t always the solution, especially when it comes to ripping a rotting stump out of the earth. But, no matter how rough our hands have to get in the Thunder Bay tree service industry, tender care is always in our hearts.