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Our New Passion for Landscaping

Recently on our homepage we touched up on our services to include landscaping. We believe that tree service is a form of landscaping, but not all landscaping companies agree. Removing tree stumps is not what every landscaper does, just like not every tree arborist deals with irrigation or paving. Landscaping and tree services are related, but technically two different industries, even though landscapers do tree service and tree service experts do landscaping. It’s complicated, isn’t it?

Not any more! Our new passion for landscaping makes it clear, as you can see from reading the paragraph above. We’ve nailed it. Our passion lately has been to not just focus on trees but how trees look compared to the rest of the property on a client’s landscape. That’s why we’re so focuses on learning more about landscaping lately, which our friends in Kelowna have helped us to understand. Thanks to them, we’re no longer shy to call ourselves landscapers even though we never cut lawns or build rock walls. We only trim hedges, remove trees, plant trees, operate on trees, all with love, but at the end of the day that’s still all a form of changing the landscape. So we hope you understand.

We’ll never get tired of this. Nature is so wonderful. We love it! All we wish to do is add a special human touch, because nature without it would become a jungle. That’s what a jungle is: nature left to its own devices. Human landscapes of nature, not cities or urban industrial blocks, is where our hearts belongs. It’s what our hearts desire, to appreciate each little leaf, each little rock–they lift us higher. We feel like nature loves us back when we work with her to make a land more splendid, more human. That’s what are services do, we believe. Want to see for yourself, then contact us! Our company is here to take weedy backyards and turn them into something an angel might cry to see. You won’t know how it feels until you share our point of view, or the view of your backyard from the window after we’re done doing what we do best.

We hope you appreciate the beauty of nature as much as we do, although that may be hard, because we appreciate it a lot. Anyways, we’re glad you stopped by to read our passionate rant, and hope you come back soon.